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Season II

When She was Bad

** It had to be good since it was the Season Premiere but that "nasty" dance was a stretch.


Some Assembly Required

*** We had to give this one a thumbs up because it had a lot of horror content which was really cool.


School Hard

* Okay we know that Buffy was supposed to look a little haggard because of her stress but what was up with her hair?


Inca Mummy Girl

** Despite the strange sounding title this episode was original at least?


Reptile Boy

* This episode had hardly and cool parts and that Reptile thing was kinda dumb.



**** Is there anyone that doesn't agree that this really was a great episode? It's also one of David's favorite episodes to film! Plus, Halloween and Buffy go very well together.


Lie to Me

*** Even though Buffy and Angel didn't get along to well, it was an okay episode when Angel went to Buffy's rescue!


The Dark Age

*** Very good episode; Angel kicked some major butt and saved a few people along the way!


What's My Line Part I

**** This was just a cool episode and we definitely like the sweet ice skating part!


What's My Line Part II

**** Again we just had fun with these episodes! It was absolutely wonderful when Buffy saved Angel; this was probably the turning point in their relationship.



* This was a serene break from all the awesome episodes that had been playing. We thought it was corny and not even what they made it sound like in the previews!


Bad Eggs

*** The only reason that we can't give it that 4th star is because we didn't really understand the plot. But what is there to understand when you have such a beautiful couple?


Surprise (Part I)

**** Sigh, what can we say? We are such suckers for romance and that's what this episode was made of! They exchanged vows of love and so on!


Innocence (Part II)

* Call us shallow but we will not like such a terribly horrible episode! Buffy's heart was broken in a thousand pieces!



* This one was dumb, more dumb and so on! Okay so it was funny when you found out that Oz was a werewolf but who cares about that after such a tragic episode?


Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

**** Talk about comic relief, we loved this episode because it took a lot of that sad pain away!



*** This was probably the most completely depressing episode of Buffy so far, but hey, Titanic made us cry but we still liked it?


Killed by Death

** Isn't the title just depressing? It was creepy though so we can deal with this episode!


I Only Have Eyes For You

*** This was yet another that tugged at your heart strings in the end at least but it had an extremely cool plot.


Becoming Part I

**** This was simply a well written, exciting episode. The flashbacks were very original, informative, and just plain cool!


Becoming Part II

**** Everyone must know by now how much we absolutely hate the sad episodes but this was one of the best episodes ever. Yes, Angel is in Hell but he won't be there for long!

Season III


*** Okay it deserved a third star since it was the season premiere and all. But let's face it, there was no comparison between that and Becoming. More stuff could have been resolved; instead, it was just like a typical episode and nothing more.


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