Immortal Beloved

Why does life treat me so unfairly
All I wanted was you
All I needed was you
I gave my hope
I gave my life
I gave my everything for a way I was destined to be
Yet you were my salvation
but life had to take you from me
I know I can never be a normal girl
one of these days I shall die
There's never going to be
white picket fences for me
When you were here I could be strong
But I condemned you, and you are gone
It feels like you took me with you
you took my heart and soul
into hell with you
When you are there I am too
I'm so lonely without you
I will carry on
because that's what you'd want from me
But know that I'll never forget you
My Immortal Beloved
I Love You



Chosen One

I suffer because I deserve it
Please don't cry
Don't ever cry for me
I am so grateful for your love
Even though deserving, I'd never be
I'm a monster, a demon
Something you were destined to kill
Yet you were my life
You were my everything
You were my light in my immortal darkness
Without you I'm truly nothing
I'm proud of you, my Slayer
When you did what you did
I've killed so many
Hell is what I deserve
Don't remember me and cry
Coming into your life, I never had a right
I'm so lonely without you
In this dark place where there's no tomorrow
But forget me, go on with your life
It's just I'd give anything to touch you once more
My Chosen One
I Love You


Both Poems By:

Water Crystal