Absolutely romantic.

This episode starts out with Buffy waking up and walking through her dream. She opens a door and is suddenly in the Bronze. She see's her mom doing the strangest thing (at the time). Joyce asks Buffy, "Do you really think your ready," and drops a coffee cup. Buffy then moves on, into her dream until she gets a very dreamy look on her face. Then you see that she is smiling at Angel as they walk towards eachother. Dru suddenly comes from behind Angel and stabs him through the heart. Buffy is blind-sided and screams his name as you see their hands trying to touch while Angel's hand slowly dissapears.

Buffy wakes up and heads over to Angel's to make sure that he's okay.

Buffy shows up at his door as Angel is getting ready for bed. He puts his shirt on (but why?!) and (in that cute way of his) asks her whats wrong.

She tells him about her dream, and he tells her not to worry("We deal").

He tells her tat they can handle it even if Dru and Spike are alive. Buffy continues to fret and Angel kisses her suddenly. :)

After this happy kiss Buffy forgets what they were talking about and she kisses him back.

They seriously make out for a little while but Buffy realizes that she has to go to school. She tells Angel and turns her back as she's heading for the door. Angel (we love this part) is like,"no," and (in the sweet, not forceful sense) he grabs her arm to turn her around and kiss her again. Buffy readily gives in and they are once again locked at the lips.

They both move to the door (while still kissing) and Angel tells her (while still kissing) she has to go to school. (make up your mind!)

Then they have the sweetest conversation about how its harder to say goodbye to eachother at bed time (thus writing it in stone that they will have sex in this episode...he he).

That morning at school, Buffy tells Willow about the gorgeous morning she's had. Buffy doesn't know what to do(about that saying bye to him at bedtime thing) and Willow encourages Buffy to seize the day.(Carpe diem)

Willow works up the nerve to talk to Oz, the guitar-playing dude who's been liking her as well, and he asks her out for the following night -- where he'll be her date for Buffy's surprise 17th birthday party. When Buffy tells Giles and Jenny about her dream, Giles says it's possible that Drusilla is alive, and to be on alert. Sure enough, we see Spike and Dru at the factory. Spike is scarred and in a wheelchair but as cute as ever. Dru is planning a party, too, but it's a safe bet there'll be no chips and dip at this one.

Buffy is talking to her mother about becoming a legal driver and part of her dream come true. Joyce asks Buffy," Do you really think your ready Buffy?" and then she drops her coffee cup. Buffy is more freaked out than ever but Giles gives her some peace of mind telling her that she has thwarted dreams and prophecies before.

A strange man approaches Jenny in class -- it is her uncle, and we discover she is actually a gypsy whose entire family was killed by Angel when he was the super-mean Angelus. The uncle says it's not fair for Angel to have any happiness, so it's Jenny's duty to keep Buffy away from him. Jenny offers to take Buffy to meet Giles off campus, and they discover some vampires making trouble -- one of whom is the transcriber who once worked for Spike. As Buffy and one of the vampires scuffle, they go flying through the window of the Bronze where the surprise party awaits. Newcomer Oz is startled to see Buffy slay one of them, and now he's officially part of the gang. Buffy is so happy that they were thinking of her birthday.

They open the box the vampires were carrying, and it contains an arm which reaches out and chokes Buffy. Angel manages to get the arm off of her and he makes sure she's okay. Angel explains there was a creature called The Judge who destroyed everyone who was righteous. He was finally dismembered by an army, but his parts still exist, and reassembling him would bring on armaggedon. Angel knows that he has to take the arm as far away as possible and this leads to a very sad situation.

They are walking to the docks to say goodbye and neither of them is very happy about the leaving thing.

Angel gives Buffy a Claddagh ring just like his, as a sign of his love. :)(it's her birthday present)

Buffy starts to cry and she tells Angel that she doesn't want him to leave her. He tells her the same and she quickly replies telling him not to go. He is very weak (of course he doesn't want to go) and just as he's about to give in to Buffy, they kiss.

Then, just as Angel is about to finally say the "L" word to Buffy, some vampires show up. :( They fight for awhile and the vampires eventually throw Buffy into the water; Angel promptly follows in a heroic effort to save her. :) The vampires regain the Judge's arm.

Dru's party is in full swing, and The Judge is the main attraction. His first conquest is the transcriber, who he ignites with just a touch. Buffy and Angel show up back at the library needing a new change of clothes. Buffy has had a long day and she falls asleep. Angel explains to the gang that she,"hasn't been sleeping well, tossing and turning." Everyone is shocked. (Could it be that they are sleeping together already?) But Angel quickley tells them that she told him. (It's quite cute and funny.) Buffy has another nightmare about Dru killing Angel but she awakens to find him right by her side and she hugs him.(Definitely a kodak moment.)

When Buffy and Angel go to the factory to see if they can find any more parts, they see it's too late, and The Judge spots them.

They eventually escape to Angel's apartment. By the time they get there, they are both completely soaked and Buffy is freezing cold. Angel finds her some clothes to wear and tells her to get under the covers, "Just to warm up". Then he dumbly follows her to his bed where she starts to take her shirt off, but then realizes that he's watching. Angel suddenly figured out what he was doing so he apologozed and turned around. As Buffy started to remove her shirt she winced out of pain from a battle wound, and Angel (being the concerned guy that he is) asked to see it. She meekly said okay and covered herself up with the shirt that she had just taken off.(she was wearing some sort of a shirt under that one, so she's not naked or anything...yet)

Angel sat down (oh-so-close) beside her. He slipped the strap of her second shirt off to see the cut as Buffy started to melt. He told her it was already closed and she eventually collapsed into his arms. She and Angel had been needing this moment for a long time.

Buffy started to cry and Angel even got very emotional. She said,"Angel, I feel like...if I lost you......Your right though we can't be sure of anything-" Then Angel hushed her. They kissed some more and Angel started to tell Buffy that he loved her.

She turned to face him and he said, "I love you, I try not to but I can't stop." (Awwwww!) Buffy agreed while sobbing even more and they kissed some more. As Angel realized what these kisses where leading to he objected (like any gentleman should) but she made it clear that she was ready.

They kissed much more and preceeded to...ya know.

The next scene you see is a cute little veiw of our couple who appear to be in Angel's bed without apparel.

Angel hops up suddenly, out of pain, and (in the nude) runs from his quietly sleeping Buffy. You then see him fully clothed outside his apartment right before he collapses onto the ground. He yells out Buffy's name but she doesn't hear him, and continues to sleep soundly in Angel's bed.

Part II..."Innocence"

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