The 'Buffy' Cast: how they've changed, what they've done, and what they look like. We've thought about the cast and how much everyone has changed since the first episode. It must be documented so here they are...we switched the "Now and Then" idea to "Then and Now" for chronological purposes.

Angel: Then and Now

Ahh, Angel. The vampire with a soul-at least most of the time. His beautiful face won us and his deep, interesting character kept us...well, interested. Angel started out as "the dark guy that gave Buffy info." He surpassed most of his brooding when Buffy loved him back. And when everything was going just so great for him, he turns evil (and gets a sense of humor). So Angel is still not lacking in the handsome department, but his character is a little less than friendly. Somewhere inside this stunning vampire is the old Angel, the nameless guy that died when Darla turned him vampire. But it's too late when he finally comes back, because the world is ending and his blood is the only thing that can stop it. So it's off to Hell with this already tortured soul. Now he's back, and will he be the same? And more importantly, will he be able to love. Would we be the same, loving people after a nice 100 year vacation in Hell? We are almost afraid to find out.

Buffy: Then and Now

Where should we start with Buffy? She's so versatile both in her looks, and in her mind. Well, Buffy came to Sunnydale hoping to start off anew. Her hair, alone, deserves its own section. It's been long and brown, blonde with bangs, brown shaggy, blonde straight, we could name them forever. Buffy's character has had one serious change: she was happy, outgoing, and kind when she had Angel, and now she is almost always sad, uncaring, and simply depressed. But then, if you had to kill your only love wouldn't you want to die, yourself?

Willow: Then and Now

Wow, is all we have to say about Willow. Willow had some definite progression possibilities in the first episode. Innocent, sweet Willow; it would be a shame if she became too self-sure. She's always been beautiful, she can just express it a little better since her character is more outgoing now. Now she's happily dating, and practicing witchcraft. Not that being a witch means your older, it's just something strange that may seem fun when you live on the Hellmouth...or something.

Oz: Then and Now

Well we can't really say much about Oz considering he technically joined the show this year. His hair colors have been just about as versatile as Buffy's. It started out read, he dyed it black, and now it's red again. We personally like it better when it's red. Oz is a good guy and he keeps Willow happy so what more can we say?

Xander is another 'wow' case. Xander was the comic relief of the show that never got the girl and always cracked Angel jokes. Now he's got a girlfriend (the very beautiful Cordelia), he got a good haircut, and he seems to be hitting the gym a lot. His looks have definitely improved and so have his muscles as seen in the above picture ;) Who he loves is a mystery. We're guessing he loves Willow, and lusts Buffy and Cordelia. Xander has a bumpy road ahead in his friendship with Buffy since he didn't relay the information about trying Angel's curse. Whatever happens, we hope it's beneficial to the cast.

And for your viewing pleasure,


...a little collage of the cast and their shots in the introduction.

*Note: we didn't like the pictures of Angel in the intro so we didn't put him on here. Sorry!*

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