Isn't he cute?

Meet Matt........

Matthew Paige Damon was born on October 8, 1970 (that makes him 28). He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. . Matt's mother is a professor of early-childhood education and his dad is retired(worked in real estate). They divorced when he was two. The divorce didn't seem to mind him very much, proving this when he said, "it was a great way to be raised, especially for an actor. Lots of different perspectives, just surrounded by lots of positive human beings." Matt also has a brother, Kyle, who is an artist. He started acting when he was eight in childrens theater groups. By 16 he had his own agent, but only with the help of his best friend Ben Affleck, who had already done a PBS Series. When he turned 19 he decided to study Harvard and major in English. He only attended Harvard for two years; he dropped out to do movies (obviously).
The Movies:

People first heard of Matt Damon last year when The Rainmaker and Good Will Hunting came to theaters. There are a lot of good movies to catch up on. His first role was in 1988. A tiny little, don't blink or you'll miss it, part in Mystic Pizza. He then did 9 more movies between Mystic and Rainmaker. Some were small roles like Chasing Amy, and others, like Geronimo, had him in almost every scene. Most actors have atleast a couple films from their past they wish they could run from, but not Matt. They may not all be Oscar worthy, but he has every right to be proud of his work. It is amazing, looking back on these films, how he wasn't noticed before Courage Under Fire came about.