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Amends aka the Buffy Christmas Special

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Like our nifty little representation of Buffy and Angel's happy Christmas? Well...okay the entire episode wasn't happy in fact some parts were down right tear jerking but that's okay. This episode was fantastic! We're thinking that Buffy and Angel have finally worked their issues out and are back together again but nothing is definite right now. Anyway, don't miss the images we got and the summary that we are in the process of typing in the Archive that will be posted in about a week's time :) We snapped over 3 times the usual amount (almost 100 images from this episode).

The animated image that we put together documenting Angel's return has been moved to the Misc Vault for your viewing pleasure.

Notice something unusually different about our site lately? Yep, we have finally moved up in life to having frames! (For you normal people out there, frames give us the ability to have that little menu that you see to the left over there <---.) We hope you enjoy the new look, and don't forget to check out the Misc Vault because it's been filled up with a ton of cool stuff.
The "Cast Memoirs" section (in the Misc Vault) was redecorated on November 30th with some very stylish stuff so you might want to catch a glimpse of that. We've re-vamped the Rumors and Explore sections so they are a little bit more pleasing to your precious eyes ;) We're trying to get some visitors to our chat room (in the Misc Vault). You must have Java to see the chat room and please come and chat at 6:00 Eastern time so that everyone will be there at the same time.

It's time this site had some talent. So we need you guys to send us your computer art, poems, and short stories. Visit our newest addition, "Poetic Artwork" and get the details! (Katie will put some of her art on there for examples and what not.)

And as always, if you see any links that lead you nowhere or any misspelled words could you email us?

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Meet Spike, his Godmother, Cara, came up with his nifty name ;)

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