(Continued From the Ending of the Season)

There Buffy is, alone, and sad. Mourning the death of her beloved Angel. Finally the Bus stops in Los Angeles and Buffy walks slowly off the bus. She goes to a pay phone and dials up her dad. Her dad answers the phone:

"Hello?" says Mr. Summers
"Dad it's me Buffy"
"Buffy?" says Mr. Summers, "Why aren't you in school hunny? What's wrong?"
"Dad can you just pick me up? I'm at the bus station," says Buffy.

They hang up. Then Buffy takes a seat at the corner of the bus station. She falls asleep. She starts to dream about her passionate night with Angel. Then, all of a sudden she is laying there by herself. Then she looks across the room and see's Angel begging for forgiveness, then he turns to dust. Buffy the awakens to the sound of her father.

"Hi Buffy...Honey I'm gonna call your mother. She will come to get you."
"No Dad dont!"
"What happened?"
"I'll tell you all about it when we get home."

When they arrive at Mr. Summer's home Buffy sits down on the couch, followed by her father. Then Buffy tells him about being the vampire slayer, Angel, her passionate night with him (Ewww! Poor Dad!), and the fact that her mother kicked her out. Then, her father calls her mother. Buffy and her mom talk a while. Buffy go's home and tells her mom everything just like she had told her dad. Ms. Summers doesn't really understand, but she accepts it. The next day Buffy returns to school and everything seems normal...however she is quite depressed. For the next week Giles, and the gang do their best to cheer her up. Then Giles decides it is time to bring Angel back from Hell :) He works all night studying his books, looking for something to bring him back. He finds it on his third day of searching. Giles, Xander, Cordy, and Willow are all needed to perform the spell. On Thursday they perform the spell. It took four hours and everyone is very serious about it. When Angel returns he is a bit, "disturbed." On Friday, Giles tells Buffy to meet him at the Bronze. She accepts and the gang gets things ready. Angel had agreed to meet there, too. Friday night comes as Buffy walks in to see Giles, Xander, Cordy, and Willow...then she saw Angel.
"Angel!" Buffy screams as she runs over to give him a big kiss. But, for some reason, Angel pushes her away. Buffy has no idea what's wrong. Angel walks out as Buffy starts to cry. Soon after, Buffy leaves to go to Angel's apartment. She begs him to open the door so that she can explain. He finally lets her in. She tells him the whole story, but this isn't the same Angel that she had fallen in love with...The real Angel would understand, this "ANGEL" pushes her out the door, so the heartbroken Buffy is left to walk home, alone. She gives her mom a hug and walks upstairs to her bedroom. Buffy's falls asleep as you see Angel quietly viewing her room.



This story was written by Kari who is 12 years old and absolutely loves writing stories about, and watching Buffy. She also mentioned, "I especially think Angel is HOT!"


~Thanks for Everything!~

-Lyn and Kate