Okay, you guys here about what we like too much so it's time to tell us about yourself. Have fun...


Your name


Your age

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Who is your favorite character?










Who are your favorite supporting character(s) on BTVS?
(you can check more than one)

   The Annointed One
   Dr. Stanley Backer
   Jenny Calendar
   Catherine the Great
   Enyos (Jenny's uncle)
   Ethan Rayne
   Principal Flutie
   Natalie French
   Aldo Gianfranco
   Lyle Gorch
   Tector Gorch
   Dr. Gregory
   The Judge
   Der Kindestod
   Kyle and friends
   Marc the Demon
   The Master
   Ms. Miller
   Billy Palmer
   Peruvian Guard
   Norman Pfister
   Pork Beans Vampire
   Marcie Ross
   Principal Snyder
   Detective Stein
   Hank Summers
   Joyce Summers
   Ted Buchanan
   Theresa Klusmeyer
   The Three
   Ms. Tishler
   Mr. Whitmore
   Dr. Wilkinson
   Detective Winslow

What are your favorite episodes so far?
Note: The happy faces :) or unhappy faces :( indicate our favorites and least favorites!

Season I

   "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
   "The Witch"
   "Teacher's Pet"
   "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"
   "The Pack"
   "Angel" :)
   "I, Robot -- You, Jane"
   "The Puppet Show"
   "Invisible Girl"
   "Prophecy Girl"

Season II

   "When She Was Bad"
   "Some Assembly Required"
   "School Hard"
   "Inca Mummy Girl"
   "Reptile Boy"
   "Halloween" :)
   "Lie to Me"
   "The Dark Age"
   "What's My Line (Part 1)":)
   "What's My Line (Part 2)" :)
   "Bad Eggs" :)
   "Surprise" :)
   "Phases" :(
   "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"
   "Passion" :(
   "Killed by Death"
   "I Only Have Eyes For You" :)
   "Go Fish"
   "Becoming" Parts I and II :)

What channel do you most frequently watch Buffy on?
WB   WGN   WPIX   KTLA   YTV   Indy-TV    Other

Anything else you guys want to tell us? And how do you feel about Angel getting his own show?



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