*This episode was another one of those typical 'Season III beating around the bush' things. If you think about it, nothing really happen. The stupid writers of the show are dragging the whole Buffy/Angel thing out into so many episodes! Why can't they just seek counseling and be happy again? The only good thing was that Xander and Willow realized some stuff ;)

At the start of this episode everyone is in the bronze. The are all chatting about Homecoming, you know stuff like, "what are you wearing, what are we going to ride in and who is going with who." Meanwhile Buffy is looking very depressed and they start quizzing her on what's wrong.

Cordy finally nails it as Scott walks up. This wouldn't be at all bad if Cordy hadn't blurted out, "What? Scott hasn't asked Buffy to Homecoming yet?" Buffy is very embarrassed but plays it off beautifully, as usual. Scott finally asks her and she responds with a kiss(GROSE!).

The next scene is takes place at the illusive mansion. Angel is pacing back and forth, obviously waiting for something. He hears someone coming down the path and realizes its Buffy.

She has a bag of blood for him, which he takes thankfully. Just as he is about to drink it, Buffy tells him that she has started seeing a guy named, Scott. Angel gets the most pitiful look on his face and Buffy proceeds to tell him that she needs someone she can count on to be there for her.

Then it flashes to Scott telling Buffy that he doesn't think they should see each other any more. Buffy is heartbroken and tries to talk him out of it. He insists and walks off, leaving Buffy standing there. Meanwhile, some German twins or whatever are watching Buffy from a van parked in the parking lot. They do all this fancy stuff with some equipment, but her image is finally transferred to a guy in an office somewhere. And of course Mr. Trick is right beside this man. They talk about her for a while then the scene ends.

Next something happens where the mayor is told about Mr. Trick and he wants to know if anyone else that is a suspicious looking person has come into town.(Sorry that part is kind a vague in my mind)

Well anyway, the next scene is showing everyone getting the yearbook pictures taken. Cordy's is beautiful, would she stand for anything else, Xander's is goofy, Oz's is well Oz, and Willow is confused looking. They all meet up after they are done and someone asked where Buffy is. Xander says she is in the library training and that someone better tell her that it is picture day or she will miss it.

Well she misses it, because Cordy gets side tracked whiled going to tell her. Buffy gets all depressed and starts reminiscing about her glory days in L.A. Some how she comes up with the crazy idea to run for Homecoming Queen. Cordy gets VERY angry and they get into a little fight.

Mr. Trick has got together a little pose of people to kill Buffy and Faith. It consists of those two Twins, one of the Gorches that didn't get killed, his wife, a little spiky creature and of course Mr. Trick.

Then we see Willow and Xander trying on there outfits for the dance. Xander is getting his tux on and Willow is going through countless dresses, which Xander keeps regarding as, "Ok." Finally Will, tries on the perfect one.

Xander calls her beautiful and some how they end up dancing together. One thing leads to another and they kiss. (We all knew it was going to happen). Well they are very distraught. Actually about two different things. One being they just kissed, and two being the fact that Cordy and Buffy are fighting.

Buffy holds a meeting with everyone,

except Cordy and tells them her game plan which includes needing their help. They can't do it because they already promised to help Cordy. Buffy is very sad and walks off. Next we see Buffy and Cordy both campaigning at the same time. Buffy is handing out cupcakes and Cordy is handing out cookies. Its safe to say they were doing everything and anything they could do to get people's votes.

Then the scene changes to a limo pulling up beside Buffy's house Buffy gets in and see's only Cordy sitting next to her. She asks where everybody is. Cordy shows her a note, which basically says that everyone thought it would be better if Cordy and Buffy worked there problems out themselves. They also notice two corsages, which they put on. The limo stops and they get out. They notice that they are not at the school, but in the woods. There is a T.V. set up and a VCR with a sign that says, "PUSH PLAY." Well they push play like idiots instead of running. Of course it is a little something from Mr. Trick. He explains to them that they have 30 seconds to run for there lives, and that they are now part of "Slayer feast `98"

You now see Willow and Xander having no fun at the Homecoming dance since they both have guilt about cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Well they run, and they are shot at by the spiky guy. Blah Blah Blah, it's a big chase scene and they finally make it to a little house. They find a phone, no help from Cordy, and call Giles. Then Blah Blah Blah more chase scene. Buffy get this big gun and shots some people and they get away.

They make it to the library and find the Gorch and his wife waiting in the library and Giles is in the floor, unconscious.

The last thing you see is Buffy and Cordy waiting to know who got picked Homecoming Queen and it turns out it is a tie. The other to candidates won. They are both baffled and the show is over.

The End

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