This poem is written from Angel's point of view right after getting out of Hell, but before finding Buffy.

Despite the meaning in the dictionary,
it isn't always living forever
it just means living longer,
mortals fear death, but when their body is decaying,
the soul lives on, smiling down on loved ones and friends,
the spirit is the meaning of true immortality,
living on in the memories of others, in photo albums
and the smiles of their children.

So tell me this what makes me immortal?
I'll die eventually I know that,
How can my soul stay truly immortal if no one loves me?
When all I love grows old and dies?
When no children smile in my memory?
When the strongest emotion anyone feels for me is hate?
When there are no photos of happy memories?
And when the smiling children turn to terrified orphans sobbing
over parents graves that I killed?
No one will remember me when I die.

I will be truly dead and with my soul with me forever the death around me will kill me from the inside out.
So I suppose that when it comes down to it the only beings who are truly immortal are those who die.



These poems are just thoughts coming from Buffy and Angel.

Loving her is the greatest pain,
The pain of her angst and hurt,
The pain I couldn't live without.

To see her is the greatest pleasure,
The pleasure of her smile,
The smile I can never return.

To touch her is the greatest sensation,
The sensation of her love,
The love I don't deserve.


To kiss him is the greatest feeling,
The feeling of pure content,
The content only found in him.

To understand him would be the greatest understanding,
To understand his complex soul,
The soul that haunts his conscience.

To know him would be the greatest secrets to know
His demonic past, his sensual memories,
That would bind him to me.




Cold seeps in the seams of his skin
chilling his flesh and bone
his heart kept warm my a single flame
that burns in his lover's eye
one thousand bolts of lightning
and one thousand sharpned knifes
could not distract his gaze from her
she owned him, his heart, his mind,
his body, but most importently his soul.


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