Awards We Give


 This is reserved for the flawless sites so don't be mad if you don't receive it!

 Do you have a site that you think is creepy and cool?

 This an award for awsome sites that show a lot of effort.

 Reserved for the sites much like ours dedicated to romance!

 Most fan sites fall into this category.

 And this go's to new original sites with some cool features.

 This Award Go's to Visitors of Our Hidden Page

 This is For the Very Best and Newest Buffy Sites Out There
This is the award we gave to the first visitor of the Hidden Page.

This is our newest addition and we are quite proud :)

So You Want an Award?

*If you have a site that you think is fabulous, just email Katie or Lyndsay your site's title, url, and what makes it so original :)*

Awards We Have Recieved

Thanks so much!

Thanks again :)

Isn't this so cute?

Awarded By: FTU

We Normally Don't Accept Non-Buffy Awards but She was Really Sweet :)

Awarded By: Natasha

Awarded By: Sarah Online


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