"No Assembly Required"

The body of a dead cheerleader is dug up from the cemetery, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is officially back in the saddle. Cordelia accidentally stumbles upon a bunch of body parts in a dumpster, and the parts add up to three people -- the dead cheerleader and her two friends who were killed in the same car accident -- only some of the parts are missing. Giles suspects zombie activity,(hehe...ZOMBIE) and clues lead to Chris -- a science whiz who's been quiet and withdrawn since his brother Daryl's death. We discover Chris, with his buddy Eric, has been secretly assembling a woman from these body parts for Daryl, so he won't have to be alone through eternity. The only part they don't have yet is a head -- the cheerleader's heads are unusable because the formaldehyde used to preserve dead bodies causes rapid deterioration of brain cells. There are currently three live head donors being considered: Buffy, Willow and Cordelia. Daryl votes for Cordelia, but Chris doesn't want to kill anyone, and Daryl becomes enraged. Meanwhile, Giles and Ms. Calendar have their first official date at the school's football game. That night, Eric decides to kill Cordelia, since Chris can't bring himself to do the deed, but Buffy arrives just in time to save her. As Buffy struggles with Daryl, a can of gasoline spills. A fire starts and Xander, who has arrived to help, pushes Cordelia to safety. Chris, seeing his headless fiancee is about to perish in the fire, throws himself on top of her.(<--we did not write that) Angel and Buffy finally talk things out -- he admits he was jealous of her attention to Xander, and he feels left out of her life since he can only be with her at night. They commense a very romantic walk through the cemetary holding hands. (awww how sweet!)