Our season premiere begins with Willow, Xander, and Oz attempting to slay a vampire in the graveyard. There efforts are no good and the vampire gets away.

You now see a beautiful beach and Buffy walks out close to the shore.

Then Angel comes into view and holds her hands. (don't we wish this was real? way to good to be true) Angel says some VERY sweet stuff to Buffy like: I could see you if I was blind, and I'll never leave you, not even if you kill me. The audience is utterly shocked and angry when you see Buffy waking up from a very nice dream.

You eventually see Buffy at her new workplace, Helen's Kitchen, wearing a cute little checkered outfit.

She see's a girl that was once in one of those vampire loving cults that Buffy had saved.

Buffy says her name is Anne (her middle name) and Lily starts to remember her. Buffy flees the place before Lily can piece together who Buffy really is.

You eventually encounter Giles and everyone else at the first day of school getting the year off to a busy start.

Giles has apparently been searching for leads to find Buffy all summer and he catches a plane on another uneventful lead.

You see Buffy back in Los Angeles walking down the street and Lily catches her. Buffy unwillingly talks to Lily where she finds out that she is homeless and broke.

The conversation leads to Buffy saving this creepy, old, homeless guy from getting hit by a car. Buffy, herself, is hit but is not effected. She does not like the attention, though, so she runs away and is stopped by a seemingly nice man that thinks she needs a shelter.

Ricky, Lily's boyfriend, turns up missing so Buffy (unwillingly) and Lily look for him.

Buffy finds a dead man's body in an alley and immediately knows that it is Ricky by the tattoo on his arm. (a tattoo they had shown Buffy earlier in the shape of a heart with Lily's name on Ricky's arm and vise versa)

Upon further investigation, Buffy trails the missing homeless people to a cult (or so she thinks) and finds that Lily has already come there. Lily is pulled into this pool of stuff as Buffy and the cult leader guy (the one who had talked to Buffy earlier)follow her into the little pool to. The pool turns out to be some sort of a portal into what might be Hell.

The cult guy gets rid of his fake human face to reveal a very nasty real face.

Buffy and Lily are now enslaved to the demon guy and all of his soldiers.

The demon explains that they are supposedly are in Hell and time passes much faster there.(if they really were in Hell, Buffy should have thought about finding Angel) That's why Ricky was so old when Buffy found that he was dead. He had been a slave down there for decades while just a few minutes passed in L.A. Buffy and Lily are introduced to there very crude soldier demons that will be ordering them around for a few years.

Buffy obviously can't take the slave thing and she beats the crap out of all of the demons.

Lily and Buffy (along with a few other unfortunate homeless people) escape and the once active portal, closes and becomes stone.

Cordelia, Xander, Oz, and Willow are attempting to slay some more vampires with a plan this time. They will use Cordelia as bait, and as Xander and Cordelia are bickering over strange things, the vampire ambushes Willow. They all work quite hard to kill him and they eventually do, somehow leaving Cordelia on top of Xander.

And of coarse, they start to seriously make out.

Buffy hands over her humble apartment to her new found friend, Lily, telling her that she will eventually learn to live on her own. (kind of like what Buffy had to do)

Buffy returns home to her mother and they hug, thus ending the episode.

*Sorry if a few events were slightly out of order, it's somewhat hard to remember everything completely clearly.*

And please please please don't steal our precious pictures!:)

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