On her way home from the Bronze, Buffy encounters three vampires, who've been sent to avenge the death of one of the Master's minions. Buffy is fighting them and just as it looks like they're about to kill her or something, Angel shows up and helps her out.

Angel reminds Buffy that the vampires can't come in unless they're invited. (And yes, Buffy invited Angel in.) Buffy tells Angel to take off his shirt and jacket since he was wounded in their previous battle.

(Sigh...he is so hot!!!) They have a conversation in which they both reveal that they're interested in eachother. Then Buffy's mom shows up to spoil the moment and Buffy tells Joyce that Angel is a college student helping her out with her school work. Buffy waves goodbye to Angel out of the front door and then closes it when you realize that Angel was behind the door the whole time.

He expresses his "not wanting" of Buffy to get in trouble but Buffy insists on him staying the night since those vampires might still be out there. As they both are about to go to sleep Buffy asks Angel if he snores. He replies telling her that no one has been in the position to tell him in a long time.

The next day at school, Willow is in aw after hearing Buffy's story about the oh so hot and oh so mysterious Angel. Giles identifies Buffy's attackers as warrior vampires, and steps up her training in case a more serious melee takes place. As Buffy shows up in her room the next day she see's her open diary on a table. (Now this is just after Angel said he had been doing "some reading.")

She blabs on about everything (about Angel) that she had written in it (such as A doesn't stand for Angel etc.) before Angel tries to save her the embarrassment by telling her abruptly that he didn't read her diary. Then she starts blabbing again trying to cover up what she had said before when Angel says that he has to leave because whenever he's around her he wants to kiss her. Buffy imeadiatly shuts her mouth and lets Angel finish by telling her that he is much older than her. Then she gets that dreamy look in her eyes and walks up to him and asks, " How much older?"(Oh maybe a couple hundred years or so...hehehe)

Then they kiss. Its is so sweet. Maybe we shouldn't even call it a kiss, its serious makeout. See for yourself,


But this beautiful moment is ended when Angel no longer is able to suppress his cute little vampy face and he turns into a vampire.(whenever he gets a little excited..he he..he turns into a serious vampire[But he must of gotten pretty good at the supressing thing in, "Surprise" when they...ummm....yeah he he he]) Buffy (she's a very good screamer) screams out of horror and Angel bolts out her window. The next day at school Buffy tells the gang and she reveals how conflicted she is. She can't believe that he's a vampire.

Angel meets up with Darla, who was his lover and partner in crime hundreds of years earlier. She chastises him for spending time with the slayer. Meanwhile, Giles identifies Angel as a 240-year-old vampire who came to America 80 years ago, living alone and never killing again. Darla, anxious to do Buffy in, goes to her house and pretends to be a student planning to study with her. Buffy's mother, Joyce, lets her in and Darla promptly bites her in the neck. Angel enters the house and tells Darla to let Joyce go. Darla passes Joyce to him and he is tempted to bite her, but doesn't. When Buffy enters, she sees Angel holding her mother and, assuming he is the one who bit Joyce, she tosses him out the window.

This finally gives her the guts to kill him, and she meets him at the Bronze with a crossbow. He explains that he did many heinous deeds over the course of his lifetime, but his soul has been restored and he is now haunted by them. Darla finds them together and tries to shoot Buffy. Angel impales Darla from behind and she turns to dust. When the Master finds out that Darla, his favorite, has been slain, he goes berserk, but the Annointed One comforts him.
Back at the Bronze, Buffy is preoccupied with Angel and Willow notices. She also notices Angel on the other side of the Bronze and tells Buffy. Buffy walks up to him.

They both talk and mutually decide that a relationship could never work out. After they both finish talking they stand there not wanting to leave (since they're in love! :) and they give in to the wanting and kiss again. (Another makeout situation.)


Buffy walks away with Angel looking after her. The last scene of this wonderful episode is a view of the crossburn on Angel's chest. (They must have been pretty close and that just happen to be the cross that Angel gave Buffy in the first episode. It is poetic.)

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