"All Men Are Beasts"

*** Great episode. We were very much pleased to see Angel again. Plus it had some really funny and really sad parts all rolled together to make a nifty episode.


This episode begins a couple weeks after the last one so Buffy and Scott have already been out a few times(barf). Well, it's a full moon out so Willow and Xander are taking turns keeping Oz locked up while he is a werewolf. Buffy and Faith have gotten used to their parolling of the graveyard as a team and everyone is semi-okay. Buffy has to see a counselor as one of principal Snyder's regulations to stay in school so she heads over to the counselor's office.

He and Buffy hit it off pretty good and Buffy kinda likes him. He somewhat forces her to confront her major Angel issues (without giving away any demon stuff, of coarse). So Buffy eventually leaves the counselor's office with some serious thoughts on her mind.

That night, Buffy is out on patrol when she comes across Angel. She's shocked at first, but he attacks her (he's not in his right mind at the moment) so her fighting skills take over and she pins him to the ground. She drags him into the mansion where he 'died' and chains him up where. She keeps a safe distance from him because he keeps thrashing (he's still a little psycho from that Hell experience). She see's the burn mark on the floor where Angel first came back.

With many unanswered questions, Buffy returns to the library to take over 'Oz watching' and to try and find out how Angel came back and why he is so violent. Giles wakes her the next morning and sees that she was reading about Acathla (sorry again if it's misspelled). So Buffy presents this hypothetical situation to him saying what would it take for Angel to come back, and when he got back, what condition he would be in. Giles informs her that he would have to have a very strong will to survive for that amount of time in Hell.

Buffy returns to the mansion to find Angel curled in the corner of the room. She speaks to him and gently approaches, but he thrashes and growls at her so she runs to school and to the counselor's office for her 2:00 appointment with him.



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